Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Mission

I have noticed that there is a dearth of parenting information, blogs, websites, etc. for fathers out there, and I believe that this is very sad. I mean, what is this saying about our society? Are dads really not involved? Are they just too busy to think about parenting? Or do they just not express their parenting in the same way as mothers do (e.g. on the internet)?

This blog is dedicated to providing fathers a place to go for fathering information. It is meant to be a place where fathers can gather and talk about their parenting issues, etc.

Because fathers are just as essential as mothers! Sure, children may have good outcomes when they have at least one loving adult in their life (gender doesn't matter), but I believe that the optimal family form is a heterosexual married couple who love each other, love their children, and do their very best to take care of their family. This is the only family form that will produce the optimal results (instead of only good results).

Disclaimer: I am not saying that single parents will fail, only that a two-parent family as described above is more optimal.

Thus, I am not negating the importance or influence of mothers. I am only saying that we need to stop marginalizing fathers in our society. Fathers are essential too.


  1. So glad to see this and so glad to see your plug for the old "nuclear family" tried and true. As a divorce attorney, who sees these issues from a particular perspective, I heartily endorse the sentimants you express in this post. I will be looking forward to your posts! Glad to be a "follower!" C.

  2. Historically, research has neglected dads. I am excited to tell you this is no longer true. There is a rising interest in the area of Family and Child Sciences in researching topics on the relationships between fathers and their children. I completed a Critical Review of the Literature for my Doctoral Prelims on Infant Massage. One of the benefits was between babies and their fathers who massaged them. There was more initiation on the part of the babies to engage their fathers and the fathers were more engaged in caretaking activities after having massaged thier babies. There are however more studies on other topics....shared my review because of course it on a topic I love, IM.